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Huge Amelican Penis! Apr. 27th, 2005 @ 10:11 am
OK so like the day before yesterday, Dangerous Max Deadwax and I are in the Castro eatin' burritos (yum!) and after I decide to stop by Walgreen's to get the staple of our household... Kleenex.

Now although I'm not a prude, I do try to keep my young son shielded from anything overly vulgar. He's 9 and knows where babies come from and what homosexuality is, but I try to avoid exposing him to outright porn (duh). There'll be plenty of time for that when he's older (double duh) and besides, he's blissfully all into yo-yos and legos and kid stuff - not girls (or boys) at all just yet.

As you all know, the Castro is a difficult place to avoid porn as it is in many shop windows, but I keep a steady gate and keep him occupied with conversation and strategically pointing out dogs, architecture, airplanes, and whatever when sauntering by a window full of madbuttsex. If he catches a glimpse, so be it, but that fine eve, we turn the corner and low andBEHOLDCollapse )
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